Gender Selection

Select a gender prior to embryo transfer

Many of us know someone who would desperately like to have a girl or a boy

For patients who need additional assistance achieving pregnancy, or who seek to raise the odds of achieving a successful pregnancy, In Vitro Fertilization has been shown to be effective and a reliable method of gender selection. Couples may decide that they want a method of gender selection that offers them an almost 100% chance of obtaining the desired gender. To accomplish this, IVF can be used in conjunction with embryo testing (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis or PGD) where only embryos of the preferred gender are placed back in the uterus.

Perhaps a couple has several children of one gender already and would like to have another child but would only consider doing so if the 50/50 odds could be shifted in favor of the other gender. This is sometimes referred to as “family balancing”. Another couple may want to avoid passing one of the more than 500 gender-linked genetic diseases to their child, so they might consider using PGD for gender selection

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